Become a global investor certified by MELVER and sponsored by Nasdaq®

Study with the Nasdaq® sponsorship. Learn more about ETFs traded on B3 that replicate Nasdaq® indexes.

MELVER Education, in official collaboration with Nasdaq®

This course is being offered by MELVER Education in Brazil free of charge in collaboration with Nasdaq®. It is a free course with certification.

Get to know your teacher

Raony Bourscheidt Rossetti is one of Brazil's equities and futures trading most significant references. He began his career in the Financial Market in 2008, at ХР Inc, as an institutional broker. After that, he became head of equities and futures trading of ХР, Clear and Rico, and CIO of the institutional offshore operation of ХР, based in New York.

In 2020 he ended his executive cycle to become an entrepreneur. He founded MELVER, a technology, education, and HR platform for the financial market that already has thousands of students in several countries and dozens of institutional clients.

Now, in partnership with Nasdaq®, he will be your teacher.

Specialize with MELVER

In the course, ETFs that track Nasdaq® indexes in Brazil, you will have access to details about several ETFs that will allow you to be exposed to important market indexes, allowing you to build a global investment portfolio direct from Brazil.

What you will learn

At the end of the course, you will be more informed and confident in making investment decisions and breaking geographic boundaries to allocate your resources.

Module 1: Nasdaq® and the ETFs market
  1. Welcome
  2. About Nasdaq®
  3. What are ETFs?
  4. Tipos de ETFs
  5. Benefits of ETFs – Diversification
  6. Benefits of ETFs – Operational facility
  7. Benefits of ETFs – Liquidity
  8. Benefits of ETFs – Transparency
  9. Benefits of ETFs – Transactional costs
  10. Types of ETFs
  11. Market size
  12. ETFs that track Nasdaq® ETFs in Brazil
  13. BDR ETFs that track Nasdaq® ETFs in Brazil
  14. How to invest in ETFs listed in Brazil?
  1. Equity Indexes
  2. About Nasdaq-100 Index®
  3. Famous Nasdaq-100 Index® Companies
  4. NASD11
  1. Introduction to Blockchain
  2. Blockchain features
  3. Cryptocurrencies
  4. Nasdaq Crypto Index™
  5. HASH11
  1. Introduction to Bitcoin
  2. Satoshi Nakamoto and “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”
  3. General characteristics of the Bitcoins
  4. Why did Bitcoin become so popular?
  5. About Nasdaq Bitcoin Reference Price – Settlement™ (NQBTCS™)
  6. BITH11
  1. Introduction to Ethereum
  2. History of the Ethereum
  3. General characteristics of the Ethereum
  4. Ethereum Network Infrastructure
  5. ICOs – Initial Coin Offering
  6. About Nasdaq Ether Reference Price – Settlement™ (NQETHS™)
  7. ETHE11

Official Nasdaq® Partner

It is a free course with certification by MELVER, sponsored by Nasdaq®.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I have access to the course?

You will receive your access via e-mail as soon as you register. For precaution, remember to check your SPAM box.

The course content is 100% recorded and organized in modules composed of video lessons and e-books. At the end of this course, you will be prepared to build a globally diversified and multi-sector portfolio effortlessly.

The platform we use is MELVER’s property.

You will have access for six months after registration.

Yes, when you complete 80% of the course, you will be able to receive your certificate.

Yes, just make your registration.

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